Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Anti-Money Laundering: The Practitioner's Guide to the Laws

Anti-Money Laundering: The Practitioner's Guide to the Laws
Money-laundering is one of the most common and complex financial crimes to be committed. Learn exactly what you need to know about the specific statutes and regulations that govern the crime.

Register for this webinar to receive first-hand advice from a veteran anti-money laundering investigator on:

  • Key anti-money laundering laws;
  • Penalties for money-laundering crimes;
  • How your organization can best respond to money-laundering mandates, whether as an investigator or a regulated entity.


Money laundering is the criminal practice of filtering "dirty" money through a series of transactions, so the funds are "cleaned" to look like proceeds from legal activities. The Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act, also known as the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), and its implementing regulation, 31 CFR 103, is the main regulatory tool the U.S. government uses to fight drug trafficking, money laundering and other crimes. Law enforcement agencies and financial services organizations of all sizes must be conversant with the letter of this law.

Whether you're a banking executive filing a Suspicious Activity Report, a compliance officer monitoring BSA compliance or a government agent assigned to investigate money-laundering crimes, this BSA overview is applicable.

In this session, Kevin Sullivan, a former investigator with more than 20 years experience in anti-money laundering (AML), shares his insight and understanding of AML legislation, including:

  • BSA;
  • Money Laundering Control Act;
  • Annunzio Wiley Act;
  • Money Laundering Suppression Act;
  • Wire Transfer Regulations;
  • Patriot Act.

In addition to walking through these regulations, Sullivan will discuss money-laundering penalties, the basics of an AML program, as well as regulations governing the establishment of Customer Identification Programs (CIP), which financial institutions must implement for identifying and verifying the identity of customers.

This legislative overview is a perfect introduction to the basics of Anti-Money Laundering. Other webinars by Kevin Sullivan explore:

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