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Navigating the AI Career Maze's Steve King on Job Opportunities Available in Age of AI
Navigating the AI Career Maze

Saying that AI offers career opportunities is akin to saying the internet did a few things for communication - it's an understatement of colossal proportions. The AI industry is exploding with demand for talent that can navigate the maze of machine learning, data analytics and neural networks. But what does this mean for the average IT person looking for a job?

The AI field contains a variety of roles and specializations, ranging from the highly technical to the strategically abstract. Data scientists, AI researchers and machine learning engineers are the coveted positions, but landing a position in one of those roles requires the applicants to have an advanced degree, a knack for statistical wizardry and a whole lot of knowledge about calculus and linear algebra.

Ethicists and Policy Wonks

But AI isn't just a field for the mathematically gifted. Creating intelligent systems that don't accidentally trigger the apocalypse requires AI ethicists and policy analysts who have philosophical insight and legal acumen. It's a growth industry, primarily because we humans have a knack for creating powerful tools first and asking moral questions later.

AI in Arts and Design

For the creative souls among us, AI offers endless possibilities. Artists, writers and designers are finding that AI can be a collaborator, muse and tool all rolled into one. From generating images to composing music, AI is redefining creativity. But every artist who leverages AI to push boundaries has to face the question: Will AI replace human creativity, or will it serve as a catalyst for new forms of expression? Right now, we're leaving the question of what to do about copyright protection laws and plagiarism infringements for later.

Educators and Trainers

As AI technologies proliferate, so does the need for individuals who can demystify these concepts for the masses. AI educators and corporate trainers who can translate the arcane language of algorithms and data models into digestible knowledge are in high demand. This role is part educator and part translator, and it is crucial as businesses and institutions scramble to upskill their workforces. But as AI continues to evolve, so too must the curriculum. These educators must be lifelong students of the subject they teach.

Marketing and Sales Specialists

Selling AI solutions requires a blend of technical know-how and persuasiveness. Convincing a company to entrust its operations to an algorithm is no small feat. These roles are for people who can authentically promise formerly unimaginable value and deliver actual tangible business results, all while keeping the AI power narrative moving in the growth direction.

Recent College Graduates and Established Professionals

The rewards can be substantial for those who pursue a career in AI - whether by diving into the data, wrestling with the ethical quandaries or selling the dream.

Recent college graduates who missed the AI revolution need to start over before they've even begun and acquire additional knowledge, training and education.

Established professionals who work in a field ripe for AI disruption need to adapt, compete and commit to learning with new vigor. AI doesn't stand still, and neither can its practitioners.

The career opportunities in AI are as diverse as they are dynamic. Whether you're coding the next breakthrough in machine learning, ensuring AI doesn't trample over our ethical guidelines or using it to create content that makes people question reality, there's a place for you in this new world.

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Steve King

Steve King

Managing Director, Cybersecurity Marketing Advisory Services, CyberTheory

Steve King has served in senior leadership roles in technology development and deployment for the past 25 years. He is an author, lecturer and serial startup founder, including three successful exits in cybersecurity, and served for six years as the CISO for Wells Fargo Global Retail banking. As a co-founder of the CyberTheory Institute, King is passionate about the role Zero Trust must play in the future of cybersecurity defense. He is currently the managing director of CyberTheory and has held leadership roles in marketing and product development, operating as CEO, CTO and CISO for several startups, and served as CIO for Memorex and was the co-founder of the Cambridge Systems Group.

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